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Pakistan telecommunication company’s major shares held by the government of Pakistan. PTCL offers multiple services including dial-up, broadband internet, telephone and TV services. It offers high-speed landline or broadband internet services in Pakistan with economical rates. PTCL proffered to both commercial and domestic users as per usage capacity.

“PTCL Bill Check without an Account ID or by Number”

PTCL Bill check by Number

In today’s busy life, people do not have time to visit the franchise to fix their issues or find duplicate PTCL bills. The PTCL use to send you bills through local courier and email as well. However, sometimes people do not receive bills on the date and ultimately have to pay the excessive penalty. Or they do not have email access or added their email with PTCL officials. So, here they offer the PTCL duplicate bills to avoid penalties and save their time, pay their bills easily through an online payment.
PTCL now gives you the freedom to pay PTCL bills payment without an account or ID by phone numbers even. PTCL facilitates customers to get a PTCL duplicate bill printed and pay the bills.

Here we provide you the facility to get your PTCL duplicate bill printed or “check PTCL bill check by phone number”.

How you can check your PTCL bill?

1. People who have a landline or broadband connections & EVO can easily use these services.
2. Only phone number and account ID is required
3. MDN and ESN can be used by EVO customers to go through billing information.
4. If you want to get some more information about account ID, ESN and MDN, feel free to call 0800-80-800.

How you can get PTCL duplicate bills?

There are two methods to get PTCL duplicate bills and are the following:

1) Though ID:

In case you do not receive the PTCL bill at your home. You can go to a customer service center and request for a duplicate bill or use your previous paid bills to find your ID to get duplicate bill online. Customers ID is usually mentioned on the bill on the ride side of the bill with ten-digit numbers. Through this, you can find your ID, Password or even can create a separate new login.
Customer ID allows you to get your delicate bills to copy in minutes.

PTCL duplicate bills

2) Create an online e-payment account:

PTCL facilitates you to create an online e-payment account which only requires some basic details like ID, Email, mailing address, Phone number, etc. however you can find this on the following link: Epayments

PTCL customer support is available 24/7. All the quarries are entertained on spot or as earlier as possible.

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