PTCL Smart Tv APP | Package And Channel Details


The smart Ptcl APP is now better than ever, with the range of wonderful features and wide range of channels. You can stream your videos, live shows, and favorite dramas for just Rs.99/- (Exclusive of Tax).

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You can enjoy 100 of channels through your Smart Phone, Tablets (Android & iOS) and PCs through Google chrome, Internet Explore and whatever you want to use.


The Smart TV App is completely FREE for CharJi or 4Mbps and above internet package users. PTCL Smart Tv App is completely Free for CharJi or 4MBPS users.


✔ 100+ Channels

✔ Time Shift TV

✔ TV on Demand

✔ Video on Demand

✔ Personal Video Recorder

How To buy

To buy/download go to Android Play Store or Apple App store.



You Can Aslo Check And Download Your PTCL Bills:


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