The Transformation of PTCL Network All Over the Pakistan


PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication limited) is the largest telecommunication provider in Pakistan. They provide telephone, broadband, and Smart TV services to hundreds and thousands of people all over the country.

The CEO of PTCL, Dr. Daniel Ritz revealed that the PTCL is doing an amazing upgradation to completely transform its services and experiences. This upgradation will surely benefit the users of PTCL.

Dr. Ritz was very clear while announcing that the transformation project will cost Rs. 27 Billion in two and half years and this investment will make PTCL free from long-due upgradation in exchanges and network access.

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With this network upgradation, the customers will enjoy thehigher speed and well-grounded internet services for their use. About 100 exchanges have been selected for upgradation that will transform the network.

Transformation of PTCL

He said, “We are upgrading our network with future-proof technology and replacing the underground cable with fiber and rehabilitating or laying new copper network as and where required.”

Further, he added, “We are reducing loop lengths, replacing old copper media with fiber till the multi-service access gateways (MSAGs), and then changing the copper with new high capacity copper or even with fiber — when there’s extremely high-speed demand– for renewed and enhanced end-to-end broadband service.”

What the Customers Should Expect From the Transformation of PTCL Network

After Transformation of PTCL, the internet access will be available within 1.5 km of thehome user because the FTTC multi-service access gateway (MSAG) will be placed with fiber connectivity from the exchanges.

Ptcl Packages Details

The upgradation of the MSAGs to either copper or fiber depends on the demand of the area. The copper customers should expect the speed up to 8-20 Mbps. The fiber customers FTTH should expect 50Mbps and 100 Mbps after transformation.

Once the upgradation is done, the company will offer triple play packages at reasonable prices.

Some of them are listed below
  1. 5 Mbps unlimited, smart TV and unlimited PTCL calls- Rs. 1,999.
  2. 10 Mbps unlimited, smart TV and unlimited PTCL calls- Rs. 2,499.
  3. 20 Mbps unlimited, smart TV and unlimited PTCL calls- Rs. 2,999.
  4. 50 and 100 Mbps unlimited, smart TV and unlimited PTCL calls- call 0800 8 0800


With this upgradation, the growth in company’s revenue will be upgraded up to 15%. Not only this, the complaints of the users are reduced by 30% for the upgraded exchanges.

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In this massive upgradation, the company is trying to repair and upgrade thousands of KM manually.

Uplifting of PTCL Brand and Future Prospects

The CEO of PTCL Dr. Daniel Ritz, knew very well that company was faring poorly in terms of customer feedback and perception of the company. In 2017, they hired 300 fresh graduates from the top universities of Pakistan under the summit program of Pakistan.

They are working on the customer support, the fast turnaround to the complaints and the training of field staff.

PTCL Upgrade 2017

In his interview with ProPakistani, he said that the future prospects of the company are very promising and organized. He was very confident that the customers are enjoying the transformation, as the 30% complaints are reduced till now and it will increase with more exchange upgradation.

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